While some architects I know aspire to design the biggest and most recognizaable structures that will be applauded in winning awards, there are so many others like Steven Ho who are content to be their own boss and be rewarded by the satisfaction of smaller clients.

The Oscar at Eau Claire

Owner: The Eden Group of Companies
Architect: Steven Ho Architecture Incorporated
General Contractor: Innova Development Coordination Inc.
Masonry Contractor: Gracom
Engineer: Grant Structural Engineering Ltd.
Other Team Member: PricewaterhouseCoopers

For a couple of decades, a stand-alone building just inside Westhills Towne Centre was home to a Moxie’s Classic Grill. It has been gutted top to bottom and transformed into a classic Kinjo Japanese restaurant adding a new concept of a Tokyo Street Market.

FBack in the 18th century, long before everyone but Dracula was born, wealthy Europeans began to decorate their estates with buildings designed to look like ruins from antiquity or “exotic” cultures. A neatly ordered garden part might end in a crumbling Roman Temple.

Steven Ho Architectural Incorporated is a professional architectural firm based in Calgary, Alberta. We currently serve both commercial and residential clients throughout North America.

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